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Written by Lily Wangchuk

Facts about Bhutan' is a comprehensive book which unveils all there is know about Bhutan. A maiden venture by a Bhutanese, it reveals amazing facets about the country and provides a holistic picture of the many delightful and incredible aspects of this little known Kingdom. It will help both foreign visitors and Bhutanese discover the country's history, society, tradition, culture, people, governance, judiciary, clergy, foreign relations, economy, environment, health, education, and tourism among many other topics. Readers will also gain a good understanding of the glorious journey the Kingdom has traversed under the monarchs over the last 100 years. Policies of the government, information about all 20 districts of Bhutan and other places of interest are vividly explained in the book and would serve as a ready reference.

About the Author

Lily Wanggchuk is the first woman president of a registered political party in Bhutan, Druk Chirwang Tshogpa and was the executive director of Bhutan Media Foundation until 2012. In the past she served as assistant resident representative of UNDP Bhutan and as a Bhutanese diplomat. With over 23 years of experience, she also rendered her professional services as a consultant in the area of democratic governance to both to the government and international organisations. She is the author of the award-winning book, Facts About Bhutan. She was awarded the Lions Club Award (2003) for Outstanding Diplomat for promoting bilateral relations between Bhutan and India and recognized as one of the Top 15 Global Women (2013) by US-based Diplomatic Courier following nomination by Women Democracy Network, USA.

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  • Language: English Binding: hardcover 
  • ISBN: 9993676004 ; 978999367003 
  • Edition: 2017 
  • Pages: 338

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