Bhutan Flag T-shirt in black


Bhutanese Fashion not only includes traditional dresses (Gho/Kira) but also modern ones blended with traditional styles. The Bhutan Flag T-shirt is one example that the Bhutanese artesian has actually designed with a National Flag twinge perfectly on Black shirt with 100% pure cotton from Northern Himalayan. The captivating design and excellent quality of the shirt is what makes majority of the Youths fond of it.

Product description

  • Solid colour 100% cotton T-shirt. Round neck. 
  • Black color with flag designed by local artists
  • Available in S/M/L sizes

About the Artisan

Bhutan Postal corporation is a special company responsible for the operation of the postal system. It was created on 1 october, 1996 by Ministry of communication RGoB.Bhutan Post also operates a transport network within the country which carries mail and passenger traffic.Under the BPCA 1999, Bhutan Post have a monopoly on the handling of standard letters within the country.