Women's striped summer jacket

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Enjoy the summer and fall breezes in this light, wooly jacket. This HOT and fashionable Jackets are made from 100% wool with a unique geometric designs from the Bhutanese Gho. The Bhutanese’s artesian has distinctly forged it in a glorious manner. The captivating design and excellent quality of the Jacket is what makes the product worth buying.                                                                                                                                                          Stay cool during the warm summer season with this colorful, wool jacket by Ambient Designs winding Bhutanese designs. Super cool!  Ambient Designs offers a number of customizable sizes that can fit any woman and keep her warm!

About the Artisan

Junu is behind Ambient Designs, her recent collection-Shades of Himalaya is a collection of clothing made from the yathra, a unique, hand-woven fabric from Bhutan.

In creating my line of clothing, I have endeavoured to remain faithful to the traditional designs of the cloth while, at the same time, create an attractive and stylish attire that is suitable for modern-day society. Woven from wool, the jackets are warm, durable and will mature with age.