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High quality King Gesar of Ling Flag from Bhutan


In the region of Lingtsang,Kham(East Tibet)reigned one of the greatest kings of Tibet ,Gesar. He was a compassionate and enlightened warrior king who only fought for the benefit of mankind and with compassion even for his enemies.According to the legend, Gesar never died but rode up to the heavens on his horse and is still believed to return back to earth to fight against the evil and to protect the good and the virtuous.

 Till today there are bards who enter in trance and sing out poems telling stories from the life of Gesar. The two hundred  volumes of the largest epic of the world are based on these poems.

Buddhist still remember and revere the great ling Gesar and the values he taught through the example of his life which is a constant source of inspiration and courage in their lives.

These well-made full color Gesar flags are printed in Bhutan.

Technical description

Size: 40"x 40"
Material: Lightweight nylon

About the Artisan

Make in Druksell is a private collection of qualified and interesting merchandise product that is exclusively available only through Druksell. Our collection extents from variable products to consumable products such as t-shirt, sweat shirts, bags, home decors, phone cases, coffee etc. The goal for this product line is to offer a different collection of collectable items that can be purchase and used as a souvenir or a gifts for tourists and local Bhutanese.