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Bhutan National Flag


3 Foot by 5 Foot, Indoor-Outdoor, Lightweight Polyester Flag with Sharp Vivid Colors
2 Metal Grommets For Easy Mounting with Canvas Hem for long-lasting strength.

The official flag of Bhutan is a bicoloured flag with Yellow and Orange colours divided diagonally with a flying Dragon. The Yellow represents, The Monarchy which was established in 1907. The present King of Bhutan is King Jigme Ghesar Namgyal Wangchuck

The orange colour represents the institution of Drukpa Buddhist lineage in Bhutan. Most specific, Drukpa Kagyud is one of the four main schools of Tibetan Buddhism. And in Bhutan Drukpa Kagyud is a formal school of Buddhism, headed by a Je Khenpo (head abbot)

The Dragon represents, Thunder Dragon and its white colour signify purity and strength. Bhutan is also known as " The land of the thunder dragon". The sound of thunder is considered as sounds from the dragons in the mountains. The snarling face of the dragon represents protection from the deities.

Flag of Bhutan | The official flag design of Bhutan

Fabric: Super lon

About the producer

The flags are locally produced and printed on high-quality Polyester fabric.