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Bhutan Glory Amber Ale, Beer Pack from Bhutan, Serbhum Brewery, 300ml, 5% alcohol content

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This is the main flagship beer, named after a species of Butterfly found in Bhutan. We named our Amber Ale after this national treasure because we wanted the world to know that this is a proudly Bhutanese version of the Amber Ale beer style, which is enjoyed by discerning drinkers around the world.

With an alcohol context of 5%, this is a medium-bodied beer that has a biscuity, malty, and caramel aroma and flavour that is driven from the Munich and Victory malts used. It also has a liberal amount of Crystal malt in it to give it a deep rich amber colour.

Magnum hops are used to bitter the beer as they produce a clean, neutral bitterness.

East Kent Goldings and Willamette hops are used as a late hop addition to give mild floral, earthy and slightly spicy hop aromas.

The body and flavour of the beer is more of an American style, whereas the hops characteristics are more of an English style, which allows this beer to be very accessible to people who are new to drinking craft beer.

Legal Notice

  1. We only ship spirits, wine, and liquor to buyers where permitted by local customs rules and regulations. We will not be held responsible in case you are not permitted to import alcohol. Therefore please ensure that you are permitted to buy in your country/state/district before purchasing.
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  3. We ship liquors using DHL courier services only.

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  • Dimensions: 300ml Cans
  • Alcohol content: 5%
  • Weight: 300mg
  • Included: 10xCans

“Ser Bhum” literally translates to “Golden Vase”, and it is one of the eight lucky signs of Bhutan.

Our Ser Bhum logo provides an image of an opulent serving vessel, demonstrating our brewery’s hospitable nature and willingness to share its bounty with all. The hint of foam at the top of the vase suggests a large serving vessel and a bountiful source of a quality beer suitable for sharing.

Ser Bhum Brewery’s mission and motto is: “Simply Craft, Celebrate Bhutan”.

The first part, “Simply Craft,” stems from our desire and our passion to create a genuinely Bhutanese high-quality, flavorful craft beer, which all Bhutanese and visitors may enjoy.

Ser Bhum Brewery always shall strive for quality, appeal to explorers, promote Bhutan and be a genuinely Bhutanese company, providing long-term opportunities to young men and women and care for the environment.

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