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Bhutanese textile pattern hand bag


With outstanding traditional textile pattern and 100% pure handcrafted fabric, we present you a hand bag that blends the traditional features with modern styles, composed of zip line and bag straps. It can not only be used for carrying your needy materials but also serves you with long lasting durability and appealing visibility. Moreover, it is entirely made out of silk and cotton fabric exclusively imported from Tibet thus, the bag is favorably comfortable to carrying around.

Product description

  • Bag capacity: 20L, 2 zip lines and 1 bag strap

About the Artisan

A label made in Bhutan is a merchandise product line develop and manufacture by a number of local vendors by using local raw materials, involving local craft people and targeted for the tourist market. If you visit Bhutan you will be able to fine variety of product in small store, craft markets and local shops.


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