Dzi necklace in semi precious stones by Sonam Rabgye

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Dzi necklace in semi precious stones representing elements:

  • Earth/Green(peridot)
  • Fire/Red (Garnet)
  • Wind/White(Cubic Zircon)
  • Water / Blue (Blue Topaz)

Dzi bead is believed to be a rare and precious ornament passed between generations, adhere to miraculous myth and mystique of the traditional bead. The astounding quality and the unique design of the product is what makes you feel plesent and alluring lady.

Technical description

5 necklaces per color = 5*2sets = 10 pieces total

About the Artisan

Sonam Rabgye, who is 33 years old is a small- time jewelry designer and her eponymous jewelry brand is setting a trend in the country. Since childhood, Sonam has always been fascinated by fashion and engaged herself in painting, sketching and doodling in edges of her notebooks. She mentions that to be able to spread love and cherish memories and to tell a story through her work is a great achievement that showers her with immense joy and humbleness. "I am a Bhutanese by heart" says Sonam , who spent most of her youth dwelling abroad like America, Switzerland, Thailand and India. As Bhutan walks on the path of modernization, majority of the population travel to places like Bangkok and Hong Kong to shop for jewelries. Thus, Sonam states that her designs are exclusively for Bhutanese city girls; pieces rooted in tradition with a touch of modern style. Majority of Sonam Rabgye's creations are sold at GCT's handicrafts shop in Thimphu, where 20 percent of the sales goes to the charity. "My creative process is about giving back and creating something that is meaningful to each customer" she apprises.