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Green Tara

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Green Tara is a Buddhist savior-goddess, a feminine counterpart of the bodhisattva. Like Avalokiteshvara, she is a compassionate, succoring deity who helps men “cross to the other shore.” She is the protectress of navigation and earthly travel, as well as of spiritual travel along the path to enlightenment.

Dimension:  63cmx48cm

Material used: Cotton canvas, mix of natural and plastic paints, Thai gold

Duration taken: 2 Weeks

Name: Kinzang  Gyeltshen
Level: 5th Level, Painting

DoB: 1st January, 1997

 Ever seen I was a child, I have great interest in drawing. I used to draw lot of sketches and painting. As I grew up I have gained special interest in our traditional paintings (Thangka) which brought me to Choki Traditional Art School in 2019 after completing my 10th grade.

I was always intrigue by the fine lines that defines beautify of a painting and I must admit I have a fine hand that makes my artwork different from my friends which brings great satisfaction and I am loving what I am doing.

I am grateful to the school for such opportunity.  My hard work and dedication for this profession is a testimony of my work being selected for this special category and I want to continuously work hard and become a good painter.

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