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Rigsum Goem

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Three statues consisting of Manjushri (Jampelyang) god of wisdom on the right, Vajrapani (Chana Dorji) god of power on the left and Avalokiteshvara (Chenrizig) god of compassion in the center.

Rigsum Goenpo protect the house and its occupants from all evils specially the ones casted upon you by others to destroy you.


Dimension: 65 cmx 65cm 

Material Used: Cotton canvas, mix of natural and plastic paints

Duration: 4 weeks

Name: Ugyen Wangchuk
Level: 5th Level, Painting

DoB: 1st January, 1997


From a young age, I have great interest in drawing. My interest in drawing pursued me to join Choki Traditional Art School. I would like to express my gratitude to all the supporters for making our dream come true and especially to Leila and Koenraad, without whom girls’ education at CTAS would not have been possible. THANK YOU SO MUCH”. Had it not been for this opportunity, our life certainly would be different and difficult.

I hope to pave the future for all female students in this field, breaking barriers, and inspiring and serving as a role model for other fellow female students.

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