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Seabuckthorn TARBU Ready | Bhutan Organics, 250ml

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Seabuckthorn Tarbu Ready is ready to drink, made by adding fresh mountain spring water to seabuckthorn juice, extracted from meticulously handpicked berries from the pristine wilds of Bhutan. Revitalize your body by drinking Tarbu ready-made from the magical berries that are known to have more than 190 bi-active compounds, is a natural source of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, folic acid, and unsaturated fatty acids of omega 3-6-7-9.

Does not contain any artificial color or preservatives.

    • Dimensions (HxW): 19cmx 10cm (round)
    • Weight: 460 gms


    • Dietary fiber-0.133g
    • Vitamin C-60.1mg
    • Calcium-5.7mg
    • Iron-0.297mg
    • Omega-0.1g
    • Protein-0.066g
    • Energy-54Kcal

    Bhutan Organics is a social enterprise by friends who have come together to give a taste of happiness through a line of natural foods from ingredients- both grown in the wild and by our farmers working in close collaboration with the local communities.

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