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Tashi Targay Combined

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The Eight Auspicious Symbols are received as a gift by Buddha from heavenly beings after his enlightenment. That is why they are regarded as propitious symbols of elemental perfection, symbol of happiness in Buddhism. Nowadays, they can be seen, single or in groups, painted on house walls, in monasteries and even on Bhutanese banknotes. They symbolize not only spiritual happiness, but worldly joy as well.

  1. The “Parasol” or umbrella represents protection from harmful influences
  2. The “Fish” shows the way out of suffering, stands for Buddha’s eye.
  3. The “White Conch” is a symbol of awakening from ignorance.
  4. The “Lotus Flower” embodies purity and clarity.
  5. The “Treasure Vase” symbolizes unceasing gem.
  6. The “Endless Knot” symbolizes infinity, simplicity and harmony.
  7. The “Banner of Victory” declares the victory of knowledge over ignorance.
  8. The “Dharma Wheel” State of fostering Buddhist knowledge

Dimension: 54 cm x 31 cm

Material: Canvas, natural & plastic paints

Duration taken: 1 week

Name: Ngawang Tshering Tamang

DOB – 2/2/2000

Village/Dzongkhag – Tashiding, Dagana

I joined CTAS in 2021. One of my family member studied here and is doing well, which inspired me to join the school. I am very happy I got the opportunity to study here at CTAS. I look forward to be able to stand on my own feet and support my family.


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