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Zhabdrung Tso-kor-sum

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Zhabdrung is highly revered in Bhutan and is regarded as the founder of the country. He is considered to be an emanation of Avalokitesvara, the Buddha of Compassion. He came to Bhutan from Tibet in 1616 and ruled the country for over 35 years. He established Bhutan’s distinctive dual system of Government, by which control of the country was shared between a spiritual leader (the Je Khenpo) to preside over the religious institutions, and an administrative leader (the Druk Desi) as head of secular affairs.

 Dimension: 86 cmx 63cm 

Material Used: Cotton canvas, mix of natural and plastic paints

Duration: 4 weeks

Name: Sherab Tenzin
Level: 5th Level, Painting

DoB: 10th August 1999


I was born in Chukha. I have always been fascinated with the traditional paintings and I love the way it appears and how they were drawn.  They look attractive and holds symbolic meanings. Somehow, I always feel connected with my artwork and through these arts, I learn and appreciate more about our country’s rich history, traditional arts and crafts. That is why I believe traditional arts and crafts also helps educate a person.

My interest in drawing pursued me to join Choki Traditional Art School. I am so grateful to have received this wonderful learning opportunity.


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