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Black Ginger Capsules (Kaempfera Parviflora/Thai Ginseng), Jinlab Argo Products, Potent Herb for Sexual Enhancement

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BLACK GINGER CAPSULES by Jinlab Agro Products sold exclusively through CSI Market .

Black ginger (Kaempfera Parviflora/ Thai Ginseng) is a rare species native of South East Asia traditionally used as Testo booster to enhance male vitality function. It is believed to smooth muscle relaxation, vasodilation and increase blood flow to overall body without affecting the heart rate and mean arterial blood pressure.
Black ginger can take your workouts and exercise to next level as it can increase energy by improving the body's response to glucose, lactic acid and lipid metabolism.
- It has strong antioxidant and anti- inflammatory effects due to the presence of antioxidants in the dark flavonoid pigments that give black ginger its name.

Other benefits:
-Healthy blood circulation.
-Rejuvenation: it is said to delay intrinsic skin aging process.
-increases endurance and vigour.
- Traditionally used to treat: gout, diabetes, fatigue, dysentery, Erectile disorder, peptic ulcer, stroke prevention, lower blood glucose level, reduce triglycerides, natural anti-depressant, prostrate, anti bloating etc. (

Product details:
Item form: Capsule of 500 mg
Brand: Jinlab
Range: Adult
Diet type: Vegetarian
Material feature: GMO free, Vegetarian capsules, Gluten free, GHP & GMP Certified, Grown by Organic Certified Farm.
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