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Dark Chocolate with Sea buckthorn and Persimmon,100g - Yiga Chocolate, Chocolates of Bhutan, Bhutanese Chocolates, Himalayan Chocolates, chocolate lovers

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This chocolate bar is a super food mindfully handcrafted using finest couverture of Theobroma cacao ( "food of the Gods" & 'happy food") infused with natural/wild fruits/berries/spices from pristine mountain forest of Bhutan. The inclusions are sourced from local farmers who sustainably hand-harvested them, and use the income to support their livelihood and education of their children.
  • Cocoa butter
  • Cocoa solids
  • Soy Leathin,
  • Natural Vanilla Extracts,
  • sugar
  • local fruits/berries/ nuts and spices.

Product Details: 

  • Net weight=100g
  • length= 5.8 inches
  • height= 1.2

  • Not suitable for those suffering from nut and milk allergies 
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