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Dried Bhutan Matsutake Mushroom | 松茸 | 송이 | 松栮, 250gm| 500gm

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The gourmet mushrooms have often been referred to as the king of mushrooms. Matsutake's are extremely rare and cannot be cultivated on farms. It can only grow in forests where there are pine trees only.

In Bhutan, Matsutake is also locally known as Sangay Shamu.

Matsutake mushrooms have a very specific flavor and appear as thick and fatty mushrooms. It contains a high amount of protein, high in fat, fiber, it also contains many vitamins such as B1, B2, Vitamin C.

How to prepare or cook Matsutake at home?

Try marinating matsutakes for 10 minutes in soy sauce, dry sherry or sugar, and good-quality bland oil. Then roast them on a grill until golden brown and serve alongside the main course. Matsutakes will do wonders for chicken broth and stir-fried dishes. Cut both stem and cap in small pieces, as this mushroom is firm and chewy. It has a magnificent penetrating unique flavor, not like anything else: spicy, but not peppery.

When making rice, quickly lift the lid of the cooking pot and throw in a handful of matsutake bits. Replace the lid to allow the rice and mushrooms to harmonize inside the pot. This elevates a bland grain to ethereal heights.

Matsutakes blend well with chicken or fish. Even when frozen for a whole year, they retain most of their original zesty flavor.

Fresh or frozen mushrooms may be used interchangeably in all recipes.

How to preserve Matsutake mushrooms?

Slice or dice for freezing. you can also wrap whole mushrooms in aluminum foil, then place them carefully in plastic bags prior to freezing.

The flavor of matsutakes suffers when subjected to drying, although they may still add interest to culinary dishes.

Availability: Entire year

  • Matsutake mushrooms are proven to be effective in fighting different cancers.
  • Matsutake mushrooms are believed to be a natural anti-cancer remedy, that doesn’t have any side effects.

Dried Matsutake is sourced from the National Mushroom center farmers cooperative. National Mushroom Centre (NMC) started as a small unit in the Government residential house at Semtokha in 1984. Few experts from Japan and Thailand helped in training the staff and mushroom growers on mushroom spawn production and mushroom cultivation. In 1989 the unit was upgraded with laboratory and office with assistance from Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), in the area presently occupied by the multipurpose hall of Royal Institute of Management (RIM), Semtokha and named it as National Mushroom Centre to promote mushroom cultivation throughout the country. In 2013 the land where NMC was located had to be handed over to RIM, therefore, NMC was moved to Yoeselpang. NMC catered the services from Yoeselpang for a period of two years and in 2015 NMC was moved to the current location at Wangchutaba after handing over the Yoeselpang structures to the Department of Livestock.

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