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Kuru Darts from Bhutan

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Khuru is a darts match and it's a serious competitive sport in Bhutan. We happen upon a game in the town of Paro on our first evening, by which time the players are sufficiently in high spirits, with a little help from the local beer and rice wine. The targets are tiny bulls eyes the size of an orange and spaced 20  meters apart. Song, dance, and a lot of heckling is all a part of the game.

Khurus come in standard sizes with feather or plastic made flight wing and shaft barrel is made either from hardwood or condensed aluminium. The tips are usually made from iron nails, sharpened and thrust into the barrel.


  1. Each set comes with 2 khuru darts
  2. Barrel either wooden or aluminum made

The kurus are made by local craftsmen from the western regions of Bhutan. Khuru or the game of darts in Bhutan is a popular sport among locals especially on holidays such as the blessed rainy day and Losar. You can find groups of men and women playing the dart games across the country. The game brings together a moment of joy and sportsmanship for local Bhutanese.

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