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Sun Dried cottage cheese powder by Lhomoen food, 200gm

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Cheese powder is essentially dehydrated cheese. It can be made a number of ways, but the most common commercial procedure is to melt fresh, whole cheese and spray it through a hot dryer, producing a thick, velvety powder that can then be added to ema-datshi, to bread and sauces, and, oddly enough, to homemade cheese recipes.

Cheese powder is most commonly made from cheddar but can come in Swiss, round, and a few other varieties. Cheese powder in cheese recipes is most commonly used for flavor value. Sometimes a cheese (especially one eaten fresh) will taste either bland or pungent, especially in the case of a cow milk cheese, and the addition of cheese powder can really change the flavor.

We also offer sun-dried red chilies and sun-dried white chilies.

  • Grown from kingdom of Bhutan
  • Net weight 200gm
Lhomoen is a family-run enterprise nurturing and fostering natural and local food from Bhutan. Lhomeon aspires to share the rich and gastronimic spices and treats from Bhutan.
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