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Please expect delays for your order due to COVID19 restrictions & check current shipping availability here
Please expect delays for your order due to COVID19 restrictions & check current shipping availability here

Atsara (old man) mask from Bhutan

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The Atsara is an integral part of many Bhutanese festivals. Primarily an agent of mirth and merriment, the red faced comical characters are generally thought of as clowns, wielding phalluses at tshechu festivals. The Atsara character, however, is more than just entertainment. The Atsara combines the spirits of the sacred and the profane, wit and wisdom, humour and responsibility. He uses his pranks to help his audiences not only to forget their worries and problems but also to prod them to overcome their sense of self-importance, hypocrisy and false propriety.

The Atsara character embodies personality traits of openness, jocularity and spontaneity. As the festival ground is largely escapist, allowing those assembled to suspend their woes and worries, the Atsara reminds people to overcome unnecessary hang-ups and inhibitions, and open themselves more fully to the festival experience. His character is that of a liberated spirit, which has transcended the dualistic apprehension of likes and dislikes, pain and pleasure, and such other prejudices, biases and fixations. In an age when people are ever more susceptible to stress, the Atsara can be viewed as a teacher to help us let go of our mental and emotional constrictions and seek inner states of openness and ease.

Product Description

  • Weight: 600 gms 
  • Small size dimensions: 12 X 13 X 8 (LxWxD) cm 
  • Small size Dimensions: 25 X 28 X 19 (LxWxD) cm 
  • Size: Small & Large
  • Materials: Papier-mâché or Pine wood

About the Artisan

Ugyen silvering handicraft is an independent handicraft shop specifically dealing with masks, traditional gifts and other handicraft items in Bhutan. 59 years old Mr. Ugyen from Tashigang has been practicing the art of traditional mask carving for more than 30 years and now he is one of the successful artisan in Thimphu. Before venturing into handicraft business he used to run a glossary shop, however, after realizing the tradition of art and craft in Bhutan is at the risk of gradual disappearing, the art of mask carving and handicraft was established. For more information contact number: +975-17655393