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Bhutan Gho Farbrics, 10x42 inches per roll, 2 rolls, Full gho, Bhutan National Dress

Original price $350.00 - Original price $1,300.00
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$350.00 - $1,300.00
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Gho fabrics are woven on a backstrap horizontal loom. The artisan weavers, mostly home-based women use a range of raw materials to weave the gho. The materials include cotton, silk, raw silk, wool etc. Compared with women's fabrics, men's gho is much simpler however it depends on the material type and pattern sophistication.

The fabric rolls are available in 10'(B)x42(L) sizes of two rolls. For a full gho, usually, 2 rolls are required to sew one full gho.

* Please note that the actual fabric may vary slightly from the image shown due to image enhancement and lighting conditions.

Please write to us if you would require further customizations for your order to or for bulk inquiry.

Weaver comes across all districts of eastern Bhutan. The majority of the weavers are women and home-based weavers. The weavers consistently innovate new designs, colours and fabrics by adapting to new materials and techniques for generations.

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