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Please expect delays for your order due to COVID19 restrictions & check current shipping availability here
Please expect delays for your order due to COVID19 restrictions & check current shipping availability here

Bhutan COVID-19 Shipping & delivery updates

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis, the supply chain & deliveries was disrupted as a result of lockdowns, closure of markets, disruptions in functioning of transport and storage facilities in our region. The logistics and delivery chains were also disrupted as a result of government restrictions on movements.

Delivery Update notification (updated on 2nd August 2021)  

  • USA: EMS and Parcels
  • Singapore: EMS
  • China: EMS
  • Taiwan: EMS
  • Canada: EMS
  • Australia: EMS
  • The Netherlands: EMS
  • United Kingdom: EMS
  • Philippines: EMS
  • Republic of Korea: EMS
  • Japan: EMS and Parcels
  • Thailand: EMS, Parcels and letters
  • Hongkong: EMS, Parcels and letters
  • India: EMS, Parcels and letters
  • Nepal: EMS, Parcels and letters
  • Bangladesh: EMS
  • Sri Lanka: EMS
  • United Arab Emirates: EMS
  • Afganistan: EMS
  • Argentina: EMS
  • Austria: EMS
  • Baharain: EMS
  • Belgium: EMS
  • Brazil: EMS
  • Brunei Darussalam: EMS
  • Bulgaria: EMS
  • Cambodia: EMS
  • Chile: EMS
  • Croatia: EMS
  • Cyprus: EMS
  • Czech Republic: EMS
  • Egypt: EMS
  • Estonia: EMS
  • Fiji: EMS
  • Greece: EMS
  • Hungary: EMS
  • Iran: EMS
  • Iraq: EMS
  • Ireland: EMS
  • Jordal: EMS
  • Kenya: EMS
  • Kuwait: EMS
  • Latvia: EMS
  • Lebanon: EMS
  • Lithuania: EMS
  • Luxembourg: EMS
  • Macao, China: EMS
  • Maldives: EMS
  • Malta: EMS
  • Mauritius: EMS
  • Mexico: EMS
  • Mongolia: EMS
  • Myanmar: EMS
  • Nigeria: EMS
  • Norway: EMS
  • Oman: EMS
  • Papua New Guinea: EMS
  • Poland: EMS
  • Portugal: EMS
  • Qatar: EMS
  • Romania: EMS
  • Russia: EMS
  • Saudi Arabia: EMS
  • Slovakia: EMS
  • South Africa: EMS
  • Spain: EMS
  • Sweden: EMS
  • Switzerland: EMS
  • Turkey: EMS
  • Ukraine: EMS

Please note mails for Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Singapore are sent as and when flight is available. Others on weekly basis.

Due to limited flights being operated in the wake of COVID situation, please expect delay in mails received and dispatched.

However, we do offer expedited shipping with DHL to all countries, please inquire for shipping rate.

As the world works to slow the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to let you know Druksell is aware of intensifying concerns and is taking steps to make sure we put our customers and people first during these uncertain times.

The Druksell Team