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Pure Yacon Syrup natural Pro Biotic from Bhutan, 240g

by Baowe
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Yacon syrup is a sweetener extracted from the tuberous roots of the yacon plant indigenous to the Andes mountains. It is produced by evaporating the juice of a yacon root until it becomes like molasses texture.
The Yacon plant has a large tuber root, similar to the look of sweet potato and the cover of the Yacon is sweet and crispy crunchy like a pear. The sweetness is due to yacon’s higher levels of fructose.

How can we consume?

Yacon can be boiled, cubed and placed in stews and casseroles, grated in a slaw salad, cubed and added to all types of salads. It can also be juiced or put in a smoothie. Either treat it like a juicy, crunchy potato or a mild apple.

See other incences:

1. Good for preventing and treating diabetes
2. Maintains digestive health
3. Improves heart by reducing cholesterol, triglycerides
4. Improves your bone density
5. helps prevent urinary tract infections and kidney stones
6. Prevents Anemia
7. Controls Appetite and weight loss

Bhutan Association of Women Entrepreneurs is a Non-Profit Organization working towards the members of society mainly single mothers, the unorganized sector and unemployed youth.

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