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Buddha Gyen Nature - By Chogyal Wangdi

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Gyen Natru represent the six symbols of enlightenment, a state in which the thoughts worldly mind is pushed out and freedom from suffering is reached - the victory of the spirit over the senses, and signifies the wisdom of knowledge 

It represents core beliefs, practices, and are meant to remind and guide people along the path of Buddhism.

Dimension:  86cmx66cm

Material used: Cotton canvas, mix of natural and plastic paints, Thai gold

Duration taken: Six weeks

Artist Background



Name: Chogyal  Wangdi
Level: 6th Level, Painting (2019)

DoB: 26th June, 1995

I grew up in Khalung Village under Mongar Dzongkhag. I studied till 10th grade at Dramitse Central School. I couldn’t qualify to study in government school. I even couldn’t join private school as my parents were divorced and my single mom couldn’t afford to bear the expenses. So, in 2015 I joined CTAS. I think I took the right decision because as an artist I wouldn’t be unemployed, which is an issue faced by many youths currently.

I worked tirelessly so that I could continuously improve my skills and the quality of work is appreciated. I am glad to be able to paint well and have received grade ‘A’ for most of my work. I am motivated to work hard and do my best in this profession.  

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