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Embrace by Yeshe

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About the Book

About the Author

Yeshe (02.10.1993 ~ present) is currently working as a space engineer and STEM advocate at the Ministry of Information and Communications. Her main role is space promotion and outreach through activities such as Bhutan Space Week, Women in STEM Group and others. Additionally, she is an avid reader and an aspiring writer.

Author's Note

Love, meaning so many different things to every individual who lives and has ever lived in the history of time, has inspired the greatest poets from Petrarch to Spencer to Shakespeare. It still continue to move mountain, tremble oceans and raise fires. Often hidden behind other emotions such as lust, friendship and hate, love is undeniably one of the strongest forces in this universe. If you are exhausted, love can rejuvenate. if you are angry love can bring peace. If you are sad, love will give you company. If you are inspired, love will take you to greater heights unlike anything else.

This book is about discovering love in another human being. It is finding that love within yourself to give to others and to be received just the same. When you allow yourself to be embraced in the arms of love, you transcend yourself and those around you to higher realms of existence. To love and be loved in return, deeply, truly, unconditionally - such is the theme of this book.

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