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Guru Tshengay L

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The Guru Tsengay or eight manifestations largely characterizes the eight special names (forms) representing eight different events, time periods and locations in the life story of Guru Padmasambhave- the lotus born.

The eight manifestations are arranged in a standard Buddhist hierarchy with Pema Jungne, Nyima Ozer and Shakya Sengge in the upper composition. The two Kings, Pema Gyalpo and Loden Chogse, are located in the middle of the composition. The two remaining forms, both wrathful, Sengge Dradog and Dorji Drolo, are placed at the bottom of composition.

Dimension: 84 cm x 64 cm

Material used: Cotton canvas, mix of natural and plastic paints, Thai gold

Duration taken: 8 weeks

Name: Yangka Dorji

DoB: 6th June 1996


I come from a divorce parent of five siblings, Rubesa gewog, Wangdiphodrang District. I studied only up to class VI.

Hearing from relatives and friends, how they have got opportunity to study at CTAS and earning a decent living, while being able to pursue their passion in painting, I was fully motivated.  I am so fortunate to get admission and today when I look back, I am so glad with my decision. I would like to believe that I have become a modest painter and will continue to sharpen my skills. I am very grateful to the school and the teachers for giving me this wonderful opportunity in life.  

I promise to keep improving my skills and contribute to the rich traditional arts of the country, which is an important pillar of GNH.

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