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Women’s Kira from Bhutan, Traditional Textiles

Color: Blue
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In Bhutan, women wear a Kira, an ankle-length dress fastened at the shoulders with pins or brooches and a belt at the waist. A blouse (won just)  is worn inside the Kira and an outer blouse covering the top part of the Kira.

Bhutanese Kira can be either hand-woven with a variety of intricate designs and patterns on silk or raw silk or factory woven of fine cotton and other clothing materials. The colors of the dresses are bold, bright and especially for the women, the Kira is matched with the blouses, footwear and other accessories. Keeping in line with fashion, creativity and comfort the Bhutanese women have designed their Kiras to be also worn half from the waist down keeping the inner and outer blouses as it is.

For formal occasions, women wear a sash over the left shoulder called the Rachu which again is brightly colored with intricate designs and patterns.

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