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Handmade Mahakala mask, wall hanging, 600gm

Color: Blue
Original price $55.00 - Original price $250.00
Original price
$55.00 - $250.00
Current price $55.00
This is an exotic hand-carved Bhutanese Mahakala mask -The chief Dharmapla is the Protector of the Buddhist teachings. He protects the practitioners from deception and distractions. - He represents the energies of attraction, magnetism and repulsion. - His wrathful expression symbolizes the use of energy to cut through powerful obstacles. - - His third eye expresses the wisdom of Omniscience. - The five skulls signify victory over the five emotional obscurations. - As he is the defender of law, he is always provided a good position at the entrance to Buddhist Shrines. Place this mask in front of your house and keep negativity away from your home.

We also offer other masks: dragon mask, snow lion mask, takin masktraditional tiger mask, garuda mask and atsara mask.

Decorative Wall Mask Art
  • Weight: 600 gms
  • Small size dimensions: 12 X 13 X 8 (LxWxD) cm
  • Large size Dimensions: 25 X 28 X 19 (LxWxD) cm&
  • Size: Small & Large

Ugyen silvering handicraft is an independent handicraft shop specifically dealing with masks, traditional gifts and other handicraft items in Bhutan. 59 years old Mr. Ugyen from Tashigang has been practicing the art of traditional mask carving for more than 30 years and now he is one of the successful artisans in Thimphu. Before venturing into the handicraft business he used to run a glossary shop, however, after realizing the tradition of art and craft in Bhutan is at the risk of gradually disappearing, the art of mask carving and handicraft was established. For more information contact number: +975-17655393

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