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Tingkhabs or Fibulas, Silver

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Fibulas or tingkhabs are mostly made of silver and used in the former times to fasten a woman's dress, Kira at the shoulders but it could also be used as a weapon if the need arose. Today it is no more in use and has been replaced by ornamented silver brooches (Koma) which are in various shapes and sizes with different designs.

  • Material: Silver & gold plated
  • Weight: 250 gm
  • 2 set

Making of metal ornaments or Troko (one of the 13 different arts and crafts of Bhutan)
In this trade gold, silver and copper is usually made into jewellery. There are two main types of Bhutanese jewellery: the first uses semi-precious stones like turquoise, coral or etched agate (zee); the second uses the finely worked but mostly heavy silver and gold adornments for broches (koma) for women's dress (kira*) as well as for bangles, necklaces and rings.

Besides jewellery, richly decorated containers are important products of the wrought-iron master craftsman. The best pieces are reserved for religious use or are seen as status symbols. The most important working tools a fine pair of sheet pliers, a soldering pipe, a wire-drawing block, stencils, gravers, burins and chisels, hammers, putty, pump drills and metal scales.

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