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Bhutan angel investment network

The first Angel investor partnership under the Jabchor platform was signed today

The first partnership deal under the Jabchor platform was signed between and Yarkay Group. Jigme Tenzin, co-founder of, was one of five entrepreneurs who pitched to investors on 24th December 2018.

Jabchor was launched as a pilot project and the signing of the first partnership is a reflection of the power of collective action.

The Jabchor team (RMA, RSEBL, Company’s Registrar - MOEA, Thimphu Techpark & BCCI) first met on 13th July 2018 and continues to remain committed to the project, focusing next on institutionalising the platform to ensure sustainability and access for a larger pool of entrepreneurs. Leadership was key in driving this project in the form of the RMA’s Governor, who works on a daily basis with the single motivation of achieving the aspirations of His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo for the benefit of all Bhutanese people.

Bhutan angel investment signed

The five pilot entrepreneurs themselves underwent a long process of preparation, often working long hours and being grilled by the organisers - their passion, dedication and commitment have been truly inspiring.

Many investors came forward to support Jabchor (negotiations are still underway while some investors have offered mentoring and other in-kind support). Jabchor also marks the start of a new era of partnerships between established business houses / individuals and startups.

Aum Phub Zam, Yarkay Group, wholeheartedly supported Jabchor in both her capacity as a potential investor and as the President of the BCCI. We thank Aum Phub Zam for your leadership and commitment!

Bhutan entrepreneurship and investments

We highlight below Dasho Penjore’s message to our investors and startups:

To Investors: As investors, it is expected and natural that you will look at opportunities for growth and return. But there is also a much more important social responsibility that you will be fulfilling by partnering with our youths and helping them grow through your experiences and mentorship.

Angel investment in Bhutan | Yarkay investing in

To Startups: You come from a humble background and humility is your greatest strength. Do not ever let success go into your head. Do not lose your humility. You must also use your experiences and opportunities to help others.

source: RMA Bhutan

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