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Bhutan Whiskey & Bhutan wines | A unique highland blend

Bhutan Whiskey & Bhutan wines | A unique highland blend

Travellers visiting Bhutan may be tempted to buy a bottle of alcohol at the airport to enjoy dinner during their trip to Bhutan. One of the most anticipated finds in Bhutan is certainly the amount of high quality whisky they produce, but also the quality of their wines.

Bhutan Whiskey

Bhutan whiskey

Don't worry, good whisky is not in short supply in this hidden kingdom, not even cheap, but one of the most popular is the K5 single malt whiskey. Distilled in Scotland, this whisky matures in bourbon and sherry barrels and combines 8-12 year old malt with a blend of rye, barley malt and rye whisky. Most people enjoy it by adding ice, mixing it in a glass and using enough water to give it the flavor and aroma of whisky with a little spice.

Bhutan Wine

Bhutan wine

Zumzim wine is one of the most popular wines in Bhutan and is distilled in the southern district of Samtse, where it tastes absolutely of ripe peach juice in abundance. With 2 flavors, Zumzin peach wine is a wine that can be found throughout the country. Dry wines such as Vintria and Shiraz from Bhutan are very popular in India, where they are even called "Shiraz." It has a pale colour, faintly green sauvignon blanc and smells like a burst of summer. 

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