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Bhutanese Vertical Prayer flags for hoisting

Color: White

Prayer flags are indeed one of the appealing characteristic of a Bhutanese tradition and mythology. It is an angelic representation of the Buddhist sculpture and art often with a believe that well-being and happiness flourishes where it flutters. This flags are explicit with a detailed woodblock prints on high quality cotton cloth.  The 5 colors of flags (blue, white, red, green, yellow) represent the 5 basic elements: space, air, fire, water, earth. Each color has special Buddhist symbols, prayers and mantras for a particular purpose: Blue - Health & Longevity, White– Karma Purification, Red – Wish Fulfillment, Green –Compassion, Yellow – Overcoming Obstacles.  They are displayed in front of important places, such as monasteries and palaces, and one must be formally dressed to enter these places. These flags represent special prayers.

The flags don't come with fasteners to secure therefore, we recommend either sewing a fastener to hoist on metal poles or use staples for wooden poles.

Flags are available in following sizes:

  1. 7 foot by 3 inches
  2. 10 foot by 3 inches

About the Artisan

Make in Druksell is a private collection of qualified and interesting merchandise product that is exclusively available only through Druksell. Our collection extents from variable products to consumable products such as t-shirt, sweat shirts, bags, home decors, phone cases, coffee etc. The goal for this product line is to offer a different collection of collectable items that can be purchase and used as a souvenir or a gifts for tourists and local Bhutanese.

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