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Brand Bhutan is an overarching umbrella brand providing a holistic view of Bhutan. It packages all positive attributes of Bhutan such as pristine environment, rich cultural diversity, the Gross National Happiness philosophy, political stability, etc. The Brand Bhutan identity system captures the best of Bhutan and Bhutanese values. The Bhutanese values are the core beliefs that underscore everything we stand for as Brand Bhutan, driving our behaviors towards the achievement of Brand Bhutan's purpose of fostering true happiness.

Brand Bhutan consists of two sectoral brands:

The Made in Bhutan mark represents Bhutanese culture and heritage. It aims to encourage consumers to buy products that are of premium quality, sustainably and happily made in Bhutan.

The Grown in Bhutan mark represents the pristine nature and the harmony present in the way Bhutanese cultivate the land and way of life. It aims to encourage consumers to consume safe and natural agricultural products that are grown in Bhutan.

Certified Brand Bhutan Products

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Colours of Bhutan

Colours of Bhutan is a slow textile studio based in Thimphu, focusing on creating all natural and ethical home textiles. We use local yarns produced in small batches from rural communities and work with home-based weavers across urban Bhutan. We grow plants and herbs and dye the yarns to create products using only local, natural and renewable materials.

Our designs are simple with delicate handstitched details, soft natural dyed colors with a contemporary feel. It reflects and celebrates slow and sustainable living.
We believe contemporary design should not sacrifice social responsibility and We ensure that our products reflect these good values.

In our small ways we aim to contribute to achieving Gyelyong Gaki Pelzom, Gross National Happiness, a development philosophy that also values environmental protection and encourages people to live and work in balance with the natural world.

About the Maker

Wangchuk Lhamo is a young and upcoming textile designer. She is well informed and highly skilled in traditional ways and contemporary methods of natural dyeing and passionately practices slow back-strap zero waste weaving in her studio based in Thimphu. Born and brought up in a small village in eastern Bhutan, she was introduced to the crafts since her childhood days as it was a tradition and a part of daily life in the village, winding yarns into balls and collecting madder roots from the nearby forest was a daily chore she enjoyed growing up. She is inspired by the wonders of nature and shares a deep love for colors and crafts. Blending tradition into modern aesthetic her designs are simple but elegant. she uses 100 % natural dyes on locally sourced hand spun yarns, such as wool on nettle, cotton and silk to create high quality home textiles. Her works has been awarded certificates of national excellence quality and recognized as happily and sustainably made in Bhutan.

How to get your product certified?

The registration of the brand MADE IN BUTAN is important not only from the legal prospective but also for the implementation and monitoring purpose. During consultation with the IPD Officials, the MADE IN BHUTAN logo shall constitute as a Collective Mark to be registered as per the Industrial Property Right Act 2008 and its Rules and Regulation. As per Part IV, Section 24 (ii) defines “Collective mark “as any visible sign designated as such in the application for registration and capable of distinguishing the origin or any other common characteristic, including the quality, of goods or services of different enterprises, which use the sign under the control of the registered owner of the collective mark”. Read More

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