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Nyashing Jurmo, Suja tea leaves, 250gm, butter tea leaves, Leaves from Bhutan, organic, natural,

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Nyashing Jurmo (Viscum articulatum)This tea leaves are derived from Found parasitcally growing on higher plants and traditionally drinks with tea as body pain home remedy.

Premium Tea Leaves (Jarhi) for Suja produce by Zobel Gewog, Pema Gatshel Dzongkhag. The tea is served traditionally using a Jamji (Bhutanese tea kettle).

Learn how to make Suja

Viscum articulatum leaves and stem are used for the treatment of haemorrhage, pleurisy, gout, heart disease, arthritis and hypertension in Chinese medicine system. In China, the plant is used (known as bian zhi hu ji sheng) to stop uterine bleeding, rheumatoid arthritis, urinary tract infection, leucorrhoea, epistaxis, muscle strain, low back pain, bacillary dysentery, pyodermas, psoriasis, weakness and lactation deficiencies.

  • Loose tea
  • Net weight 250gm

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