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Patsha and Dhamru(Bamboo Shoot and Elatotestigma), 50g, from Kingdom of Bhutan- Bhutan Yoedhen Farm

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Bamboo Shoot( Patsha) grown in higher attitude in the forest is used for making a thin soup called “jaju” in Bhutanese. it’s made with milk and bamboo shoot and served in every Bhutanese dishes.

Elatostema Lineolatum (Dumroo) Is one of the famous wild vegetable and grown all over the forest in Bhutan. The Elatostema Lineolatum (Dumroo) can be found in seasons like Spring, Summer and Monsoon.

Direction:  Soak for 5 to 10 minutes in hot water before cooking.

Product Details:  50gm 

Bhutan Yoedhen Farm Also Offers: Salted Dry Fish, Deep Fried Pork and Nyakam Garlic Azey(Dried Fish with Garlic).

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