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Tsamder, Serving Wooden Bowl

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Originally used for serving roasted barley or wheat flour. Presently, these are used as snacks and serving bowl.

The Dapas are traditionally used in monasteries and it is one of the most popular wooden wares you will in Bhutanese homes.

Materials: Burrs from Maple, Alder, wild Avocado, Red Cedar and Rhododendron.


  • 5.7 inches height
  • 7.7 inches diameter

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Shagzo-Tshogpa (association for woodturning) was established in 2014 by APIC Company in Trashiyangtse whereby artisans from the eastern region collect their craft items and are marketed jointly as an association.

Trashiyangtse takes a deep pride in its traditionally upheld practices of several traditional arts and crafts among which much of the social, religious, political and economic lives of the native population revolves around the traditionally prevalent practice of Wood-Turning. The traditional Wood-Turning now transformed into a highly economical commercial business, thereby accelerating the development of Trashiyangtse into traditional as well as commercial hub in Bhutan.

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