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Man & Woman Puppet doll from Bhutan, Doll collection

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This is a set of local, Colorful handmade puppet dolls from Bhutan. The dolls are made using recyclable materials with all-natural materials.

The man has is wearing the national dress of Bhutan, called 'gho' and the female is wearing a 'kira'.

These dolls will go very well with your Doll collections from around the world. The fabrics are handwoven and the faces are painted with natural earth pigments. The attire is carefully sewed to scale and it sits on a small wood stump pedestal. The doll's main frame is made with wires therefore it can be shaped to your desired pose.

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  • The dolls are 10in x 3in x 2 in
  • The set of 2 dolls weight 400gms

The dolls are handmade by a local home-based worker based in Thimphu. The lady who started making dolls was inspired to reuse materials collected from her community. Her dolls sell very well.

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