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Incense Burner, Electric Sangphor, བསང་ཕོར།, 240V

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Handmade in Bhutan using recycled materials. Incense burners or Sangphor is a common spiritual activity performed in Bhutan. The aromatic smoke when provides therapy, meditation, and ceremonial feeling. It is also used as a deodorant or insect repellent.

In the Buddhist tradition, incense burners are used as an act of offering to Buddha and other deities.It is also an important ritual act that is believed to clear the air of evil spirits.

The Sangphor comes with a heating burner pot and an electric cable with a 2 pin type plug head.

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  • Height:16cm x width: 12cm x length: 12cm
  • weight:500g

The electric Sangphor is locally made using raw materials extracted from the earth. The burner is then fitted with a heating coil inside which is supported by a conventional 240V electric 2-pin plug.

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