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Tulsi Moringa Infusion, 40g, Bhutan Herbal Tea

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An unremarkable blend of Tulsi and Moringa blend to bring a delightful taste with pleasant color. This Tulsi  Tea is not only delicious and organic but they are also nature's perfect rejuvenate. Sipping on Tulsi Tea will aid in a healthy response to the natural detoxification of stress. It also helps improve stamina, endurance and energy.


  • Steep 1 tea sachet in a cup of hot or boiling water for 2-5 mins, sweeten with honey if desired( Best when consumed without tea.
  • Pre-made tea can also be added to soups, broths & cake batter.
  • Tea sachet can also be cold infused - infuse sachet in room temperature water for 10 mins.

Net Weight: 40 gms (20 X 2g)

Ingredients: Moringa oleferia, Krishna Tulsi & Rama Tulsi.

 Nutritional Facts
Serving per box: 20 X 2g
Value per 2g
Energy 2.23
Fat -
Carbohydrate 0.11
Protein 0.43


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About the producer

Bhutan Herbal Tea Farm will specialize in premium herbal teas that are grown organically. They will grow and produce mostly three kinds of tea: Peppermint tea, Chamomile tea and Lemon Verbena tea, each one with its unique flavor, aroma, characteristics, and health benefits. Special attention will be given to the packaging.

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