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Wine and Glass Holder

by woezer
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A single wine bottle holder is a decorative way to show off a prized bottle of wine. The wine bottle holder might be minimalist – intended to display the fine wine. Wine bottle holders, which can be constructed from local wood, or all of the above, have become a very popular home decor item.

We also offer wooden wine cup.

  • Material: Recycled wood
  • Net Weight: 1 kg
  • Color: Natural wood with gloss resin finish
  • Dimensions: 2’4 X 1’4 X 1′ (L,H,W) is the online shopping platform owned by Bhutan Sport Trading (BST). The purpose of the E-commerce platform is to support and promote diversifying sale platforms and create positive impacts on customers and small businesses in Bhutan.

We aim to reach all over Bhutan and out of Bhutan. We want to inform the consumers about the wide variety of products in Bhutan and provide easy shopping and a reliable platform.

This platform will also support to showcase of individual innovative and creative locally made products.

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