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Bhutan Tsejor Ezay | A spice delicacy from Bhutan

Awaken your tastebuds

Bhutan, the land of Thunder Dragon, nestled in the eastern Himalayas, is certainly an incredible nation. The splendor of the landscape correspond with its diverse cuisine that is unique as the land itself.

Though Bhutan offers a variety of cuisines–such as Indian, Tibetan, Nepali and Chinese–for travelers seeking somewhat familiar tastes, the nation’s own food is as delicious as it is distinct, offering the curious and hungry a meal to remember.

1. Bhutan's undying endearment for chilly and spicy dishes

Bhutanese affinities for chilly, spicy foods and pickles are well known owing to the region's speciality. Ema datshi, a dish that blends chillies with cheese is considered the national dish of Bhutan and It is said that a trip to the country is incomplete without tasting this delicacy. Additionally, pickles or ezay play a significant part in Bhutanese dietary habits as it is consumed with every meal as a dish of its own.

Heaps of Bhutanese red, dried chillies in the market

2. The birth of Tshejor's Ayzey

Although pickles are popular in Bhutan, it largely remains as an imported commodity. It was during 2010 that Mrs. Tshewang Dem came up with a brilliant idea of producing homemade Bhutanese pickles with the use of local traditional ingredients that is completely free of preservatives.

Mrs. Tshewang Dem, the founder of Tshejor's Ayzey proudly holding a winning certificate during the National Trademark competition


Finished goods of Tsejor's Ayzey for sale

3. It is always better when it's natural

Tshejor Ayzey is purely an organic and a vegetarian product providing unique taste and flavors. It is available in six different varieties of flavors that primarily includes local organic elements such as:

  • Chilli powder
  • Sichuan pepper
  • salt
  • oil
  • garlic
  • ginger

The end products are all named after the core ingredients and these inlcude:

  • Perilla Frutescens ( Zhimtsi Ezay)
  • Fermented Cheese ( Zoedoe Ezay)
  • Tree tomatoes ( Shinglambenda Ezay)
  • Fermented soybean ( Keeneyma Ezay)
  • Sichuan pepper ( Thingney Ezay)
  • Garlic ( Chagop Ezay)

Tshejor Ayzey is available in two different shapes and sizes of 200gm and 350 gm of bottles that makes it convenient to transport abroad as well. 

4. Eat right , be bright !

Why would you choose Tshejor's Ayzey ? There are several important reasons why it would be wise to spend on Tshejor's Ayzey. We give you three reasons:

i) We speak organic !

 You’ve probably noticed the word "organic" popping up in grocery store aisles and restaurant menus. But what makes a food marked organic, healthier and noticeably pricer ?  The vegetables and ingredients used in Tshejor's Ayzey are absolutely free of chemicals and pesticides residues, which means it has rich nutritional value owing to multiple health benefits. Not ingesting harmful chemicals is no brainer right ?

A local farmer spraying chemicals in southern Bhutan  

ii) Mother nature's nutrients!

The organic ingredients derive nutrients from healthy and rich fertile soils. With zero presence of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals, Tshejor's Ayzey utilizes the best raw materials to enable better health values to the customers. An organic guarantee is a guarantee for life !

A Bhutanese farmer harvesting fresh organic tomatoes in Paro, western Bhutan.

iii) Less fats, watch your belly go flat!

Tshejor's Ayzey makes use of very less quantity of oil and thus, the pickles are less oily providing the best taste and flavors. Unlike other pickles, Tshejor's Ayzey offers more quantity as well as better quality.

5. Future aspirations 

Tshejor's Ayzey being very popular with increasing demand in the market, Mrs.Tshewang Dem is vesting in her best efforts to meet up to the contentment of her customers. To target chilly lovers abroad, she has produced and packaged pickles that are convenient to transport. Yet, an important goal of Tshejor's Ayzey is to expand bigger and produce more varieties of products besides just ezay or pickles. They apire to establish themselves as a notable company not only in the country but in the global market as well. As a female entrepreneur, Mrs. Tshewang Dem hopes to inspire women who are striving for financial independence.

So, grab yourself the finest Bhutanese home-made pickle and add spice to your life with Tshejor's Ayzey ! 

You can purchase Tsejor Ayzey by clicking this link here

Written by:
Sonam Choden Dorji: Sonam is an independent writer and an avid blogger for Druksell. 








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