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Bhutan Green Tea by OGOP

Tea pack bundle sets

Bhutan Green Tea is a product of Samcholing village under Trongsa district in Bhutan. It is rare and exotic as only a few hundred kilograms are harvested annually. The product is organically grown, picked and processed at pristine environment of high Himalayas. Green tea production is aimed at helping the economically disadvantaged farmers of Samcholing Community so as to enhance their livelihood.

Bhutan green tea is made from unfermented leaves of Camelia sinesis and reportedly contains the highest powerful antioxidant- properties called polyphenols.

Instruction: Pour boiling water over a tea bag placed in a cup and allow to brew for 5 to 10 minutes to get the best flavor and infusion. For Maximum benefits, avoid adding sugar or milk. You can add two fresh mint leaves or a small spoon of honey to make your Cordyceps tea more enjoyable. 

What are the health benefits?

  • Improve Vascular Function
    The researchers determined that camellia green tea can improve the efficiency of your cardiovascular system by maintaining proper health and function of your blood vessels. As a result, camellia green tea can protect against the development of cardiovascular disease.
  • Immune System
    Camellia tea contains phytochemicals which can boost your immune system through its anti-microbial properties. According to a 1995 study published in the journal, "Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy," camellia tea boosts the activity of leukocytes, or white blood cells, and exhibit antioxidant properties as well. By increasing the activity of white blood cells and acting as an antioxidant, camellia tea can protect your body against toxins and other potentially harmful agents that cause cellular damage and disease.
  • Anti-Cancer
    Camellia tea may have anti-cancer properties, according to a 1997 study published in the "Journal of Cellular Biochemistry." Researchers discovered that green tea from the camellia plant contains polyphenolics that can inhibit the formation of tumors.
  • Other Possible Benefits
    Camellia plant is effective at increasing mental alertness due to the natural caffeine inside the leaves of the plant.


  • Boil water and cool down to 70-80 degree celcius for about 3-5 minutes
  • Put one small tea spoonful of green tea in a teapot
  • add 250 ml of water(70-80 degrees) in a cup containing Bhutan Green tea and keep it covered for 2-3 minutes before drinking
  • You can also steam the tea for 2-3 minutes

Product Description

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 20.5cmx16.5cm
  • Weight: 65 gm
  • Included: 25 Tea bags in one box.

About the Artisan

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"OGOP aims to support economic development & increase community products by mobilizing all avaliable resources in order to promote grassroots community by adding more value to products made with local wisdom, tradition, culture & the community's resources which make them unique products"- The Queen's Project (Bhutan)