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Cottage Cheese Powder, 100g, Jinlab Argo Products - Hygienically Dehydrated Fresh Cheese Powder

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Jinlab Argo Products' Cottage Cheese Powder - a game-changing ingredient for all your home-cooked meals. Made from fresh cottage cheese sourced from the farmers of Tsirang, this 100g pack is hygienically dehydrated in an electric dryer and turned into a convenient powder form, making it easy to use in all your recipes.

Use Jinlab Argo Products' Cottage Cheese Powder to elevate your dishes and add a unique flavour to your favourite recipes. Whether you're making ema-datshi (cheese-chilli curry) or experimenting with your own homemade cheese recipes, this powder is a versatile ingredient that will enhance the taste of any dish.

Get creative in the kitchen with Jinlab Argo Products' Cottage Cheese Powder. Order now and take the first step in making your meals even more delicious.

Net Weight: 100gm

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