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Dried Shitake Mushroom from Bhutan, 50gm, 150gm

Original price $9.90 - Original price $25.00
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$9.90 - $25.00
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Fresh Shitake from Kinz mushroom farm

Freshly picked delicious Shitake mushrooms collected from the pristine forests of Bhutan. The mushroom is handpicked, sorted and graded. The mushroom is then carefully dried and packed using sterile techniques.

  • Weight: 50gm, 150gm
  • Included: Sealed bag with ziplock

Kinz Farm Mushrooms is located at Taba, roughly 6km from the core city of Thimphu. The farm uses an area of roughly not more than 40 decimals. The farm was established in 2014 March and started off with a cultivation of 3000 number of bed log shiitake cultivation. Every year the farm has been adding 2000 – 3000 number of shiitake logs. The farm produces shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and will soon be adding different varieties. The mushrooms are naturally grown and the farm avoids the use of any type of chemicals.

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