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Honey Infusions Cordyceps | Kingdom of Bhutan, 380g

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This Honey is infused with wild Cordyceps Sinensis collected at high altitudes. The honey from Bhutan is among the best and most sought after in the world thanks to its medicinal properties and high pollen content.

In Bhutan, bees forage at high altitudes in a rich and pristine environment abundant with flowering plants.

The extraction process is artisanal and preserves all properties of the honey. It is then infused with the Cordyceps Sinensis mushrooms, renowned for their healing and restorative properties, combining the healing properties of two superfoods.

We also offer Cordyceps Picrorrhiza Black Tea , Cordyceps Tincture soaked in Ara, Organic Cordycep Sinensis supplement, Cordyceps Powder and Bhutan Cordyceps Tea.

  • Quantity:150ml
  • Weight: 380g
  • Height: 12cm x width: 10cm (round)


  • 100% Pure Natural Honey
  • Wild Cordyceps Sinensis
cordycep infusions from Bhutan | druksell

Our artisanal honey infusions are handmade and infused for a certain period of time to ensure the cordyceps are well infused to bring the greatest health benefits. We are family-run business based in the pristine Haa valley. We work with selected beekeepers from the Bumthang’s Beekeeping Association that use sustainable beekeeping practices. These ensure our honey is only the pure goodness of nature. Our cordyceps are bought directly from our collectors in Laya and Lunana. we carefully sort out good quality cordyceps that are then hand crushed and infused into honey. Honey infusions aspire to provide environmentally sustainable products that promote good health and a holistic lifestyle

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