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Nyashing Jurma Tea, 200 gm, Taste of Bhutan From GNH kingdom, Bhutan Yoedhen Farm

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Nyashing Jurmo (Viscum Album Tea)

is made from a semi-parasitic shrub known as Viscum Articulatum. The tea leaves are used traditionally for Suja (Butter tea.

The Legend of Nyeshing Jorma (Viscum Album) Tea:

Long long ago, in the mystical Thunder Dragon land, in the Himalayas, in Pema Choling village, present Woong Cheelo, Eastern Bhutan, lived a poor young farmer. One day he borrowed traditional wooden ploughing equipment from a
rich Land lord to plough his field. As he was ploughing his field, the yoke suddenly broke. The poor farmer got very scared as he was aware the
land would be very furious when he comes to know about the broken yoke. He quickly took off the yoke from the Oxen's neck and carried it to the side of the field, where he hid it by covering with bunch of mistletoe (viscum Album) a parasitic plant. The next day, he went and covered the yoke. To his great surprise, he found the broken yoke had
completely mended and joined. Then he thought, if the plant can join broken wood, what miracle it can not do to living cells. So they tested on cattle and human. They found that the plant has healing power, especially in treating fractured bones, joint pains and back aches. Thereafter, people use it as tea and medicinai paste. The name Nyeshing Jorma
is in Sharchokpa dialect. It means, Yoke mender or joined yoke.

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