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Phagchok Incense Stick

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In the kingdom blessed by the second Buddha, Guru Padma Sambava and many other great saints, in the farthest east has situated a place called Shingkhar Lauri under Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag. Though the district lacks modern facilities, people of these regions are influenced by strong spiritual values that were embedded within them centuries ago. There are many other small villages scattered in all directions. Among these is Phagchok, a village located on a raised ground in the shape of an elephant’s forehead beneath a small hill in the shape of a heart. As it is located near the border of Tawang, directly from Gonpacan be seen the mountain range, the abode of lady Jomo who is the main protective deity of the whole region who made her oath in presence of Guru Rinpoche. From its end, a river flows which continues below Phagchok called as Jomri meaning Jomo’s river in local dialect.

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