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Pure Natural Honey from Bhutan

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Honey is produced seasonally in Bhutan and has a pleasantly sweet taste and aroma. It is considered one of the most natural and pure, as bees forage in rich, pristine vegetation where flowering plants are abundant. low altitude honey from southern districts comes from the Apis Cerana bees that are considered native to Bhutan. 

    Techincal Description

    • Farm honey
    • Vacuum sealed package
    • Net weight 200, 350, 500 gms
    • Serving size: 1 tsp
    • Package: Pentagonal glass jar
    • Color and taste: dark yellow

    About the Artisan

    OGOP Bhutan | Bhutan queen project | official OGOP logo of Bhutan

    "OGOP aims to support economic development & increase community products by mobilizing all available resources in order to promote grassroots community by adding more value to products made with local wisdom, tradition, culture & the community's resources which make them unique products"- The Queen's Project (Bhutan)


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