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by riyang
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Written by Erik Allgöwer

The Silk Letter of the Ming Empress has laid buried deep in the archives of the Vatican for centuries. The exclusive knowledge of its existence and its potential global significance was known to but a few. In the 1980’s it is a group of Tibetan monks who rekindle knowledge of this letter. In his book Erik Allgöwer places Bhutan on a global center stage as the custodian of this secret. The author skillfully builds upon the existing conditions in Bhutan in the 1980s to tell a fantastic tale of the dogged and often bungling members of an international group who are in a race to locate this secret letter. A race that pitches distinguished Tibetologists against wily Jesuits, while fake diplomats compete with hardcore spies as their paths criss-cross. Unbeknownst to all, throughout their journey, the eyes of the Tigers watch them closely. Erik Allgöwer’s fast-paced thriller will enthrall Bhutanese and Bhutan enthusiasts alike.

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Riyang Books is a small, Bhutan- based publishing house owned and operated by author, Kunzang Choden and her family. It was founded in November 2012 out of a deep love for literature and the written word as well as a desire to create a welcoming space to encourage and support creative work in Bhutan.

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