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Monk chasing Monkey, 300gm

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Rigzin, a young monk, lives a cloistered life with his master in the remote mountains of Bhutan. He knows nothing of the outside world, till one day his blissful isolation is invaded by a modern pop song. All peace and contentment shattered, Rigzin can find no rest till he satiates his newfound curiosity.

With the help of his master, Rigzin sets off on a magical journey around the country following his monkey mind whenever it takes him. He finds himself thrust into a world far more confounding man than he could have ever imagined. By turns fiercely comical and tender, Monk Chasing Monkey is the story of modern Bhutan and a moving navigate unknowable complexities every day.

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  • Length x Width x Height: 20cm x 15cm x 20cm


  • Net weight 300grams

ISBN Number:

  • 978-99980-48-01-0


  • Replika Press

Published by:

  • Riyang Books, Bhutan

Choden was born in Bumthang District. Her parents were feudal landlords. At the age of nine, her father sent her to school in India, where she learned English. She has a BA Honours in Psychology from Indraprastha College in Delhi and a BA in Sociology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She has worked for the United Nations Development Program in Bhutan. She and her Swiss husband currently live in Thimphu.

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