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High Quality cordyceps from Bhutan

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Natural Wild Cordyceps collected in Bhutan have been widely used as natural Cordyceps sinensis, an official species of Cordyceps mushrooms used as Chinese medicines, around the world in recent years. It is referred to as yartsa gunbu (Tibetan: དབྱར་རྩྭ་དགུན་འབུ་, literally "summer grass, winter worm"), or dōng chóng xià cǎo (Chinese: 冬蟲夏草) or ถั่งเช่า in Thai. The pure Cordyceps fungi found in Bhutan, is considered as the most potent and possesses the highest medicinal value above all the cordyceps found in the world. Although limited in availability, our collection is selected from an assorted collection of top quality cordyceps from Bhutan.


  • Firstly, Cordyceps from Bhutan is collected by highlanders from the wild which are highly protected areas of the Bhutanese Government.
  • We offer the most competitive prices for cordyceps in bulk quantity
  • We also offer retail level cordyceps in small quantities. You can check here
  • We offer the highest quality of Cordyceps which is 100% pure, organic and wild.
  • We issue Government-Certificate of Origin for the Cordyceps purchased
  • All cordyceps exported from Bhutan are certified by BAFRA.


  1. Grade Super A+: 2500 pcs in 1 kg
  2. Grade A+: 3500 pcs in 1 kg
  3. Grade A: 4500 pcs in 1 kg
  4. Grade B+: 6000 pcs in 1 kg

*note that the above values are approximate & number of pieces can vary. Grading may be graded differently according to different vendors.

Druk Herbal Cordyceps is an export company recognized and licensed by the Department of Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Bhutan. Nima Yosel Dorji was the founder of the company and the company was initially started in the year 2012 which was gradually expanded its exports in the international market from 2016, Since then the company exported numerous high-quality Cordyceps Sinensis and Matsutake Mushrooms to various countries and it is one of the renowned exporter and distributor in Bhutan.

Druk Herbal Cordyceps is one of the leading wholesale exporters of all grades of Natural Cordyceps Sinensis in Asia. The Natural wild cordyceps of Bhutan are mostly exported in countries like Malaysia, Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China and even in western countries like the United States and Europe. Providing the Natural and best quality with the optimum satisfaction to the customer is our priority.

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